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Public Member Functions

bool individualUsed (unsigned int index) const
unsigned char findHostMapPosition (unsigned char const host) const
bool individualAllocated (unsigned char host) const
unsigned char hostPosition (DelaySpec &rate, unsigned char const host)
void initHostIndex (DelaySpec &rate, unsigned char index, unsigned char host)
void update (DelaySpec const &, int incr)
void stats (StoreEntry *) const

Public Attributes

DelayBucket net
VectorMap< unsigned char, DelayBucketindividuals

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ findHostMapPosition()

unsigned char ClassCBucket::findHostMapPosition ( unsigned char const  host) const

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◆ hostPosition()

unsigned char ClassCBucket::hostPosition ( DelaySpec rate,
unsigned char const  host 

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References assert, and Aggregate::rate().

◆ individualAllocated()

bool ClassCBucket::individualAllocated ( unsigned char  host) const

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◆ individualUsed()

bool ClassCBucket::individualUsed ( unsigned int  index) const

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◆ initHostIndex()

void ClassCBucket::initHostIndex ( DelaySpec rate,
unsigned char  index,
unsigned char  host 

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References assert, and Aggregate::rate().

◆ stats()

void ClassCBucket::stats ( StoreEntry sentry) const

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References assert, and storeAppendPrintf().

◆ update()

void ClassCBucket::update ( DelaySpec const &  rate,
int  incr 

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References assert, Aggregate::rate(), and DelaySpec::restore_bps.

Member Data Documentation

◆ individuals

VectorMap<unsigned char, DelayBucket> ClassCBucket::individuals

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◆ net

DelayBucket ClassCBucket::net

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