Sends and handles collapsed forwarding notifications. More...

#include <CollapsedForwarding.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void Init ()
 open shared memory segment More...
static void Broadcast (const StoreEntry &e, const bool includingThisWorker=false)
 notify other workers about changes in entry state (e.g., new data) More...
static void Broadcast (const sfileno index, const bool includingThisWorker)
static void Notify (const int workerId)
 kick worker with empty IPC queue More...
static void HandleNewData (const char *const when)
 handle new data messages in IPC queue More...
static void HandleNotification (const Ipc::TypedMsgHdr &msg)
 handle queue push notifications from worker or disker More...
static void StatQueue (std::ostream &)
 prints IPC message queue state; suitable for cache manager reports More...

Private Types

typedef Ipc::MultiQueue Queue

Static Private Member Functions

static void HandleNewDataAtStart ()

Static Private Attributes

static std::unique_ptr< Queuequeue
 IPC queue. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file CollapsedForwarding.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Queue

Definition at line 51 of file CollapsedForwarding.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Broadcast() [1/2]

void CollapsedForwarding::Broadcast ( const sfileno  index,
const bool  includingThisWorker 

notify other workers about state changes in Transient entry at the given xitTable.index use Broadcast(StoreEntry) variant if you have a StoreEntry object

Definition at line 83 of file

References Config, DBG_IMPORTANT, debugs, KidIdentifier, Notify(), queue, CollapsedForwardingMsg::sender, SquidConfig::workers, and CollapsedForwardingMsg::xitIndex.

◆ Broadcast() [2/2]

◆ HandleNewData()

void CollapsedForwarding::HandleNewData ( const char *const  when)

◆ HandleNewDataAtStart()

void CollapsedForwarding::HandleNewDataAtStart ( )

Handle queued IPC messages for the first time in this process lifetime, when the queue may be reflecting the state of our killed predecessor.

See also
IpcIoFile::HandleMessagesAtStart() – duplicates this logic

Definition at line 157 of file

References HandleNewData(), and queue.

Referenced by Init().

◆ HandleNotification()

void CollapsedForwarding::HandleNotification ( const Ipc::TypedMsgHdr msg)

Definition at line 145 of file

References assert, debugs, Ipc::TypedMsgHdr::getInt(), HandleNewData(), and queue.

Referenced by Ipc::Strand::receive().

◆ Init()

void CollapsedForwarding::Init ( )

◆ Notify()

void CollapsedForwarding::Notify ( const int  workerId)

◆ StatQueue()

void CollapsedForwarding::StatQueue ( std::ostream &  os)

Definition at line 165 of file

References queue.

Referenced by StatQueues().

Member Data Documentation

◆ queue

std::unique_ptr< CollapsedForwarding::Queue > CollapsedForwarding::queue

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