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Public Member Functions

 ErrorPageFile (const char *name, const err_type code)
const char * text ()
 The template text data read from disk. More...
bool loaded () const
 return true if the data loaded from disk without any problem More...
void loadDefault ()
bool loadFor (const HttpRequest *request)
bool loadFromFile (const char *path)
const char * language ()
 The language used for the template. More...

Public Attributes

SBuf filename
 where the template was loaded from More...
bool silent
 Whether to print error messages on cache.log file or not. It is user defined. More...

Protected Member Functions

void setDefault () override
 recover from loadDefault() failure to load or parse() a template More...
virtual bool parse ()
 post-process the loaded template More...
bool tryLoadTemplate (const char *lang)

Protected Attributes

SBuf template_
 raw template contents More...
bool wasLoaded
 True if the template data read from disk without any problem. More...
String errLanguage
 The error language of the template. More...
String templateName
 The name of the template. More...
err_type templateCode
 The internal code for this template. More...

Detailed Description

manages an error page template

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ErrorPageFile()

ErrorPageFile::ErrorPageFile ( const char *  name,
const err_type  code 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ language()

const char * TemplateFile::language ( )

◆ loadDefault()

void TemplateFile::loadDefault ( )

Load the page_name template from a file which probably exist at: (a) admin specified custom directory (error_directory) (b) default language translation directory (error_default_language) (c) English sub-directory where errors should ALWAYS exist If all of the above fail, setDefault() is called.

test error_directory configured location

test error_default_language location

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References Config, DBG_CRITICAL, debugs, SquidConfig::errorDefaultLanguage, SquidConfig::errorDirectory, TemplateFile::loaded(), TemplateFile::loadFromFile(), MAXPATHLEN, TemplateFile::setDefault(), TCP_RESET, TemplateFile::templateCode, TemplateFile::templateName, String::termedBuf(), TemplateFile::tryLoadTemplate(), and TemplateFile::wasLoaded.

Referenced by Ssl::ErrorDetailsManager::ErrorDetailsManager().

◆ loaded()

bool TemplateFile::loaded ( ) const

◆ loadFor()

bool TemplateFile::loadFor ( const HttpRequest request)

Load an error template for a given HTTP request. This function examines the Accept-Language header and select the first available template. If the default template selected (eg because of a "Accept-Language: *"), or not available template found this function return false.

Definition at line 519 of file

References Http::ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, Config, DBG_IMPORTANT, debugs, TemplateFile::errLanguage, SquidConfig::errorLogMissingLanguages, HttpHeader::getList(), Http::Message::header, TemplateFile::loaded(), strHdrAcptLangGetItem(), and TemplateFile::tryLoadTemplate().

Referenced by ErrorState::buildBody(), and Ssl::ErrorDetailsManager::findDetail().

◆ loadFromFile()

bool TemplateFile::loadFromFile ( const char *  path)

Load the file given by "path". It uses the "parse()" method. On success return true and sets the "defined" member

Definition at line 417 of file

References DBG_CRITICAL, debugs, FD_READ_METHOD(), file_close(), file_open(), TemplateFile::filename, TemplateFile::loaded(), MYNAME, O_TEXT, TemplateFile::parse(), TemplateFile::silent, TCP_RESET, TemplateFile::templateCode, TemplateFile::wasLoaded, and xstrerr().

Referenced by TemplateFile::loadDefault(), and TemplateFile::tryLoadTemplate().

◆ parse()

virtual bool TemplateFile::parse ( )

Reimplemented in Ssl::ErrorDetailFile.

Definition at line 321 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by TemplateFile::loadFromFile().

◆ setDefault()

void ErrorPageFile::setDefault ( )

Reimplemented from TemplateFile.

Definition at line 221 of file

References SBuf::append(), TemplateFile::template_, TemplateFile::templateName, and String::termedBuf().

◆ text()

const char * ErrorPageFile::text ( )

Definition at line 218 of file

Referenced by ErrorState::buildBody().

◆ tryLoadTemplate()

bool TemplateFile::tryLoadTemplate ( const char *  lang)

Try to load the "page_name" template for a given language "lang" from squid errors directory

true on success false otherwise

Definition at line 392 of file

References assert, debugs, DEFAULT_SQUID_ERROR_DIR, TemplateFile::loadFromFile(), MAXPATHLEN, TemplateFile::templateName, and String::termedBuf().

Referenced by TemplateFile::loadDefault(), and TemplateFile::loadFor().

Member Data Documentation

◆ errLanguage

String TemplateFile::errLanguage

Definition at line 335 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by TemplateFile::language(), and TemplateFile::loadFor().

◆ filename

SBuf TemplateFile::filename

Definition at line 315 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by ErrorState::buildBody(), and TemplateFile::loadFromFile().

◆ silent

bool TemplateFile::silent

Definition at line 317 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by TemplateFile::loadFromFile().

◆ template_

SBuf TemplateFile::template_

Definition at line 333 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by setDefault().

◆ templateCode

err_type TemplateFile::templateCode

Definition at line 337 of file errorpage.h.

Referenced by TemplateFile::loadDefault(), and TemplateFile::loadFromFile().

◆ templateName

String TemplateFile::templateName

◆ wasLoaded

bool TemplateFile::wasLoaded

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