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Public Member Functions

 UFSCleanLog (SwapDir *aSwapDir)
const StoreEntrynextEntry () override
 Get the next entry that is a candidate for clean log writing. More...
void write (StoreEntry const &) override
 "write" an entry to the clean log file. More...

Public Attributes

SBuf cur
SBuf newLog
SBuf cln
char * outbuf = nullptr
off_t outbuf_offset = 0
int fd = -1
RemovalPolicyWalkerwalker = nullptr
SwapDirsd = nullptr

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UFSCleanLog()

UFSCleanLog::UFSCleanLog ( SwapDir aSwapDir)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ nextEntry()

const StoreEntry * UFSCleanLog::nextEntry ( )

Implements Store::Disk::CleanLog.

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References RemovalPolicyWalker::Next, and walker.

◆ write()

Member Data Documentation

◆ cln

SBuf UFSCleanLog::cln

◆ cur

SBuf UFSCleanLog::cur

◆ fd

int UFSCleanLog::fd = -1

◆ newLog

SBuf UFSCleanLog::newLog

◆ outbuf

char* UFSCleanLog::outbuf = nullptr

◆ outbuf_offset

off_t UFSCleanLog::outbuf_offset = 0

◆ sd

SwapDir* UFSCleanLog::sd = nullptr

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Referenced by write().

◆ walker

RemovalPolicyWalker* UFSCleanLog::walker = nullptr

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