StoreClient.h File Reference
#include "acl/ChecklistFiller.h"
#include "base/AsyncCall.h"
#include "base/forward.h"
#include "dlink.h"
#include "store/ParsingBuffer.h"
#include "StoreIOBuffer.h"
#include "StoreIOState.h"
#include "DelayId.h"
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class  StoreClient
 a storeGetPublic*() caller More...
class  store_client
struct  store_client::Callback


using STCB = void(void *, StoreIOBuffer)


void storeClientCopy (store_client *, StoreEntry *, StoreIOBuffer, STCB *, void *)
store_clientstoreClientListAdd (StoreEntry *e, void *data)
int storeUnregister (store_client *sc, StoreEntry *e, void *data)
int storePendingNClients (const StoreEntry *e)
int storeClientIsThisAClient (store_client *sc, void *someClient)

Typedef Documentation


using STCB = void (void *, StoreIOBuffer)

A storeClientCopy() callback function.

Upon storeClientCopy() success, StoreIOBuffer::flags.error is zero, and

STCB callbacks may use response semantics to detect certain EOF conditions. Callbacks that expect HTTP headers may call store_client::atEof(). Similar to clientStreamCallback() callbacks, callbacks dedicated to receiving HTTP bodies may use zero StoreIOBuffer::length as an EOF condition.

Errors are indicated by setting StoreIOBuffer flags.error.

Definition at line 32 of file StoreClient.h.

Function Documentation

◆ storeClientCopy()

void storeClientCopy ( store_client sc,
StoreEntry e,
StoreIOBuffer  copyInto,
STCB callback,
void *  data 

Asynchronously read HTTP response headers and/or body bytes from Store.

The requested zero-based HTTP body offset is specified via the StoreIOBuffer::offset field. The first call (for a given store_client object) must specify zero offset.

The requested HTTP body portion size is specified via the StoreIOBuffer::length field. The function may return fewer body bytes.

See STCB for result delivery details.

Definition at line 213 of file

References assert, and sc.

Referenced by asHandleReply(), asnCacheStart(), netdbExchangeHandleReply(), netdbExchangeStart(), peerDigestHandleReply(), peerDigestRequest(), Mgr::StoreToCommWriter::scheduleStoreCopy(), UrnState::start(), and urnHandleReply().

◆ storeClientIsThisAClient()

int storeClientIsThisAClient ( store_client sc,
void *  someClient 

◆ storeClientListAdd()

◆ storePendingNClients()

int storePendingNClients ( const StoreEntry e)

◆ storeUnregister()






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