gadgets.h File Reference
#include "base/HardFun.h"
#include "compat/openssl.h"
#include "security/forward.h"
#include "ssl/crtd_message.h"
#include <string>
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class  Ssl::CertificateProperties


namespace  Ssl


#define SQUID_SSL_SIGN_HASH_IF_NONE   "sha256"


typedef std::unique_ptr< STACK_OF(X509), sk_X509_free_wrapper > Ssl::X509_STACK_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< BIGNUM, HardFun< void, BIGNUM *, &BN_free > > Ssl::BIGNUM_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< BIO, HardFun< void, BIO *, &BIO_vfree > > Ssl::BIO_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< ASN1_INTEGER, HardFun< void, ASN1_INTEGER *, &ASN1_INTEGER_free > > Ssl::ASN1_INT_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< ASN1_OCTET_STRING, HardFun< void, ASN1_OCTET_STRING *, &ASN1_OCTET_STRING_free > > Ssl::ASN1_OCTET_STRING_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< TXT_DB, HardFun< void, TXT_DB *, &TXT_DB_free > > Ssl::TXT_DB_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< X509_NAME, HardFun< void, X509_NAME *, &X509_NAME_free > > Ssl::X509_NAME_Pointer
using Ssl::EVP_PKEY_CTX_Pointer = std::unique_ptr< EVP_PKEY_CTX, HardFun< void, EVP_PKEY_CTX *, &EVP_PKEY_CTX_free > >
typedef std::unique_ptr< X509_REQ, HardFun< void, X509_REQ *, &X509_REQ_free > > Ssl::X509_REQ_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< AUTHORITY_KEYID, HardFun< void, AUTHORITY_KEYID *, &AUTHORITY_KEYID_free > > Ssl::AUTHORITY_KEYID_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< STACK_OF(GENERAL_NAME), sk_GENERAL_NAME_free_wrapper > Ssl::GENERAL_NAME_STACK_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< GENERAL_NAME, HardFun< void, GENERAL_NAME *, &GENERAL_NAME_free > > Ssl::GENERAL_NAME_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< X509_EXTENSION, HardFun< void, X509_EXTENSION *, &X509_EXTENSION_free > > Ssl::X509_EXTENSION_Pointer
typedef std::unique_ptr< X509_STORE_CTX, HardFun< void, X509_STORE_CTX *, &X509_STORE_CTX_free > > Ssl::X509_STORE_CTX_Pointer
using Ssl::UniqueCString = std::unique_ptr< char, HardFun< void, char *, &OPENSSL_free_for_c_strings > >


enum  Ssl::CertSignAlgorithm {
  Ssl::algSignTrusted = 0 ,
  Ssl::algSignUntrusted ,
  Ssl::algSignSelf ,
enum  Ssl::CertAdaptAlgorithm {
  Ssl::algSetValidAfter = 0 ,
  Ssl::algSetValidBefore ,
  Ssl::algSetCommonName ,


 Ssl::sk_dtor_wrapper (sk_X509, STACK_OF(X509) *, X509_free)
 Ssl::sk_dtor_wrapper (sk_GENERAL_NAME, STACK_OF(GENERAL_NAME) *, GENERAL_NAME_free)
void Ssl::OPENSSL_free_for_c_strings (char *const string)
void Ssl::ForgetErrors ()
 Clear any errors accumulated by OpenSSL in its global storage. More...
std::ostream & Ssl::ReportAndForgetErrors (std::ostream &)
bool Ssl::writeCertAndPrivateKeyToMemory (Security::CertPointer const &cert, Security::PrivateKeyPointer const &pkey, std::string &bufferToWrite)
bool Ssl::appendCertToMemory (Security::CertPointer const &cert, std::string &bufferToWrite)
bool Ssl::readCertAndPrivateKeyFromMemory (Security::CertPointer &cert, Security::PrivateKeyPointer &pkey, char const *bufferToRead)
BIO_Pointer Ssl::ReadOnlyBioTiedTo (const char *)
void Ssl::ReadPrivateKeyFromFile (char const *keyFilename, Security::PrivateKeyPointer &pkey, pem_password_cb *passwd_callback)
bool Ssl::OpenCertsFileForReading (BIO_Pointer &bio, const char *filename)
Security::CertPointer Ssl::ReadCertificate (const BIO_Pointer &)
Security::CertPointer Ssl::ReadOptionalCertificate (const BIO_Pointer &)
bool Ssl::ReadPrivateKey (BIO_Pointer &bio, Security::PrivateKeyPointer &pkey, pem_password_cb *passwd_callback)
bool Ssl::OpenCertsFileForWriting (BIO_Pointer &bio, const char *filename)
bool Ssl::WriteX509Certificate (BIO_Pointer &bio, const Security::CertPointer &cert)
bool Ssl::WritePrivateKey (BIO_Pointer &bio, const Security::PrivateKeyPointer &pkey)
UniqueCString Ssl::OneLineSummary (X509_NAME &)
 a RAII wrapper for the memory-allocating flavor of X509_NAME_oneline() More...
const char * Ssl::certSignAlgorithm (int sg)
CertSignAlgorithm Ssl::certSignAlgorithmId (const char *sg)
const char * Ssl::sslCertAdaptAlgoritm (int alg)
std::string & Ssl::OnDiskCertificateDbKey (const CertificateProperties &)
bool Ssl::generateSslCertificate (Security::CertPointer &cert, Security::PrivateKeyPointer &pkey, CertificateProperties const &properties)
bool Ssl::sslDateIsInTheFuture (char const *date)
bool Ssl::certificateMatchesProperties (X509 *peer_cert, CertificateProperties const &properties)
const char * Ssl::CommonHostName (X509 *x509)
const char * Ssl::getOrganization (X509 *x509)
bool Ssl::CertificatesCmp (const Security::CertPointer &cert1, const Security::CertPointer &cert2)
const ASN1_BIT_STRING * Ssl::X509_get_signature (const Security::CertPointer &)


const char * Ssl::CertSignAlgorithmStr []
const char * Ssl::CertAdaptAlgorithmStr []

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#define SQUID_SSL_SIGN_HASH_IF_NONE   "sha256"

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